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Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Contractors

Ensure optimal efficiency and longevity of your solar panels with The Solar Janitor. Dirty solar panels can reduce sunlight collection efficiency to as low as 40%, significantly impacting overall performance. Regular cleaning is essential to remove dust, grime, and debris accumulated from environmental factors like wind, storms, and wildlife. By maintaining clean panels, you maximize their capacity, ensuring peak performance even on low-light days. Trust The Solar Janitor to keep your investment operating at its best.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The Solar Janitor exceeded my expectations! Not only did they expertly clean my solar panels, but their attention to detail and professionalism truly impressed me. My panels are shining brighter than ever, thanks to their meticulous service!”

Mr Mthembu

“I highly recommend The Solar Janitor for all your solar panel cleaning needs. Their team was punctual, courteous, and thorough in their work. With their help, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the efficiency of my solar energy system. Trustworthy and reliable!”

The Georges Family​

“Choosing The Solar Janitor was one of the best decisions we made for maintaining our solar panels. Their knowledgeable staff provided top-notch service, leaving my panels spotless and operating at peak performance.”

Jeson Colburgh

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